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July 25, 2013


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Ive never followed dirt track racing but saw an Eldora Prelude race on tv a couple yrs ago. Simply put last nights Eldora race for the Trucks was the most exciting EVER, even though it was only down to 3 trucks at the end going for the win--what a battle--what a race. Now all the follow the leaders lap the field on pavement tracks will seem dull & even more boring after seeing what real racing can be like. Felt bad for Larson as he is so great on dirt whereby didn't know Austin was that good and also good showing for Newman as well. Fun fun fun--BEST Race ever. Iam sure many will be yelling we want more?

Ok so lets add dirt to the big Nascar tracks and let the stock cars race on them--what a sight that would be now wouldn't it--Ok maybe silly but just saying?

Also to add about the comments that Indycar may not like Nascar at its Indy track--they need to get real as they aren't popular enough to keep it and support it without Nascar, plain and simple. You cant be yelling mine mine when your series alone cant even pay the utilities there--just saying once again.

Patrick Head


Excellent points on dirt track racing!!! I LOVE that stuff. I haven't attended one recently, but I truly love watching the winged sprints at Kokomo, IN. Small track, and insane speeds. I will take ... uh ... umbrage with one point you made. Concerning the more stock style cars, including modifieds vs the sprints and midgets, I do think there is a noticeable visual difference between the two. The "true" open wheeled dirt trackers seem to get a much larger "bite" off the corners and the the sprints are just awe inspiring with there acceleration down the "straights." I know this is a picky point, but it is why I always tell anyone who will listen that if they like racing at all, they should at least once attend a sprint car race at a dirt track!

As far as NASCAR (in any series) racing at IMS, I'm with you on this one. First off, this is a privately owned property. The "family" can do whatever they please with it. Not saying the whatever will be a good choice, but it is NOT up to us as fans to decide those things. As you have been saying for at least two years now, it IS up to us to decide if we want to attend or not. Also, as a lifelong avid IndyCar fan, I don't care if they decide to run circus clowns, zebras and a herd of midgets (er, short people) in a race. If it draws a huge crowd and helps to sustain IMS and IndyCar, I'll accept it.

BTW, THANK YOU!!! for your blog. I know that the IndyCar scene has worn on you, but I for one have always enjoyed your posts and insights. Hopefully, IndyCar will once again excite you enough to post more in the future.

Patrick Head

While I'm sure there are many more errors in my last post, PLEASE excuse the "there" used in place of "their." It's just one of my pet peeves, so I humbly admit this error. :)



In light of your commentary about the Brickyard, what is your take on the NBC/NASCAR news and where do you think that leaves IndyCar?


SkipinSC My thoughts on NBCSN/NASCAR are here ...


dirt track racing is fun to watch, but those pool tables on top of the cars are fugly.

the only bad thing about Nascar at Indy is that the race itself isn't that great.


P-Dog you ain't missing anything by never having seen NASCAR at IMS.
I've seen both IndyCar and NASCAR there and there is no comparison as to which is cooler.

Ron Ford

The first race was conceived when the second car was built and probably took place on dirt. I have always enjoyed open wheel dirt track racing over any other type. Unfortuantely for those of us in the Milwaukee area, the wonderful old Hales Corners 1/4 dirt track is now a Menards store. The track was originally surrounded by corn. Then condos replaced the corn, the condo owners complained about the racing noise, and a Menards store replaced the track. Major bummer. So now I go to the Badger Midget and USAC races at the 1/3 mile track at Sun Prairie.

No matter how fast the winged sprint cars go they cannot escape the ugliness of the wings.

John S

"truck-like vehicles" Spewed. What I spewed is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

As always: Good work here P-Dog

Winged sprints on dirt is the best racing I have ever seen.


A favorite racing memory of mine is of listening to a post-race radio show after one of the early NASCAR races at Texas. A guy called in to complain about how the race was far too long compared to what he watched at the local dirt track. I'm not sure what he expected with NASCAR, but it was a hilarious call.

Dirt track racing has its drawbacks at the local and amateur level (frequent yellows and poorly planned events), but it is about as fun as it gets when its going smoothly. Pro sprint, midget, or late model guys on dirt? Amazing.

Chris Lukens

I’m sure glad Indycar thinks we don’t want boring races like this!!
I’m sure glad Indycar thinks we don’t want a bunch of no talent drivers like Kyle Larson!!
I’m sure glad Indycar thinks 25,000 butts in the seats in the middle of the week is not for them!!*
I’m sure glad Indycar thinks an event that only draws a 1.4 TV rating on cable is not worth it!!**
* at an event in the middle of nowhere, neither Milwaukee nor Toronto drew that many in the middle of a major metropolitan city.
** if you add up every cable rating for Indycar since the beginning of the season you get a combined rating of 1.6.


The Eldora Truck race proves that people want to see great racing and the ratings even on the Speed network show it, vs the low ratings of Indycar every week on its cable network which cant compare as noted.

Tom G.

WOO at Cedar Lake Speedway in New Richmond, Wisconsin was pure joy. Seriously I only attend two races a year now, Indy & Sprints at Cedar Lake.

Now, if we could just get those big butt DW12's out on a dirt track. That would be cool.

Oval, Road, Street, Dirt. What's not to like about that?

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