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September 16, 2013


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Actually, it wasn't a second Sprint Cup race. It was the move of the race from July to September to become the first Chase race. A second Nationwide date was then added in early summer. But IndyCar had run in early September since the track opened (then under 37.5 percent IMS ownership) in 2001.


Thanks, Tim. Ridiculous mistake on my part. I have amended the post.


If Indycar were to be paired with the Nationwide series race, which series is going to be the support series?


Regarding your notes from the 2010 race, I took a couple of very good photos of Lindy in the Sky booth in the Chicagoland Midway and if I could find them I would post links to them here. I'll keep looking!

That was a great race and I would go back to watch IndyCar at ChicagoLand in a heart beat!


With Indycar's new approach to aero on ovals, Chicago will never be like Chicago was. The Wheldon tragedy has likely forever put an end to flat out, wheel-to-wheel Indycar racing. They'll take the wings off (not, like, literally) and make the drivers work, just like they do in Texas.

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