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September 19, 2013


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danica was introduced as a Nascar driver even when she was an Indycar driver.

good for Napa. now throw money at Indycar.

road america is important to the die-hards who already follow the sport. but does a race there really "move the needle" for Indycar in the same way Michigan or PHX or a street race in Portland would?

cream in coffee = perfect goodness.


IZOD's fate was pretty apparent when I was at Barber and the Indycar souvenir shop had the IZOD Indycar Series-logo pins and keychains marked down to 25 cents.

No doubt the ROI numbers were the driving force behind that decision, but the I'd also be surprised if new CMO's personal opinion of the sport did not factor in as well. Now this may have been a shift from a guy who likes the sport to a guy who does not necessarily dislike it, but auto racing sponsorships have long been provided by marketers who like the sport.
After all, we recently saw Congress attempt to defund the military's auto racing (and pro wrestling and fishing) sponsorships likely due to the personal opinions of several representatives.


Agreed, Billy. I'd say that decisions on marginal ROI investments are probably influenced by the head guy's personal opinions. I can't speak for anybody else, but if I were CMO and ROI was robust and it wasn't something counter to my brand (like sponsoring porn sites or something), I'd let it ride even if I didn't personally care for the sport in question. I have a feeling it wasn't a close call for IZOD.

Ted Wolfram

NAPA is NOT going to spend money on a series that gets maybe 350,000 TV viewers if they are lucky. They may be using this mess to get out of the contract, but come to IndyCar??? Not likely,

IndyCar series isn't stumbles from one disaster to the next....."2014 schedule to announced by Labor Day", aero kits in 2013-2014-2015, and new race dates in 2015 now, and supposedly the "push-to-pass gimmick" is being reviewed...what ever that means", double file restarts...well maybe, get the idea. Purses? You've got to be kidding....

Baltimore for all the hype...was declining in attendance and losing money regardless of date....maybe they too wanted out and the date problem gave them a reason...

Kill this mess, (IndyCar series)...KILL IT and create a new INNOVATIVE series....I don't care if they bring a formula that means all production based engines, no wings, all aluminum chassis....just bring some new ideas, allow diesel, or bio-fuel as fuel, do something...."SPEC" cars SUCK and these ugly pieces of crap don't bring one new fan. Where is the next..first laydown, the first Novi, the first side-car, the first twin-engine car, the first Delta Wing coming from....NOT FROM A COMMITTEE!!

The idea that costs prevent them having a new formula is (excuse the language), horse poop. It is like a crack smoker telling you orange juice cost too much...$650,000 for leased engine is the crack....a stock based engine producing 900 HP SELLING FOR UNDER $100,000 is the orange juice!!

Who cares which Brazilian, Scot, Aussie, Kiwi or some American who nobody knows, (I saw a champion of the IRL/IndyCar walk right through a group of fans at Mid-Ohio and nobody even knew who he was....try that with Danica).....If Hinch has less than 40,000 followers wins a parade...(or a popular driver wins in the case of Indy a car to drive without bringing cash this series sucks). The race he won was at best a contrived race with a really disappointing ending...68 passes, and the fewest people watching in've got to be kidding....and when that ability could have made a great finish.....we have for the first time, (with so much down force that everyone could run wide open), in the race someone brushes the wall and WOW TK wins....YAWN!!

KILL IT before it dies from lack of interest, Oh it's already on life support....take away the $1-$1.2 million per car and see how many owners stay!!


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