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September 24, 2013


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Dude. Sorry you're wrong.

This is the 292nd time you've repeated it, the first time is not a repeat.

I've transferred to a longboard. These buses are all polluted and smell of desperation.


Gonna miss you dude. Best Wishes!


Indycar IS what it is and that's a low rated old series that many gave up on yrs ago and cant draw any new fans as no one in mainstream America cares about their drivers and haven't for a long time. Everyone needs to accept it for what it is and quit writing this garbage stating reasons why it isn't popular like that's going to change anything. Quite honestly Indycar is lucky to even be on TV and have a series with such few fans?

BTW--yes Nascar is self destructing as well with all their made up rules and lame calls but their fan base is large enough to tolerate it--for now--but will the sponsors? The question is will the track owners accept less & less attendance and ticket sales as that's what runs the show for them and the sponsors run the show for Nascar & the drivers and when they go--WEll?


Bill..I look forward to your blog more than any of the others. Hands Down!


Bill I always enjoy your views and posts. Like you I vote with my butt in seat (wallet ) who's the winner in all this ??? Sports Car racing sure has captured my travel dollars of late. I have not seen face smacking, spin on purpose, I'm going to pee on you and you will love it over here in the land of non spec racing. As a fan yeah I'm going to go check out GP Houston. But not for the obvious Indy Car and ladder series. It's to meet Shea Holbrook, yeah her, her race team, Pirelli World Challenge is my draw to the GP. It's the driver, the person that moves me to sit up and take notice. Buy a ticket and travel. Us fans for Indy Car can not stand a talk to a brick wall so long till we are tired of it and move on. I still enjoy Indy Car, but more the drivers themselves than the racing.


I have been lamenting a return to my blog post about the number 300,000. The rough number of people in this country who like twisty racing. Period. Sure nascar twisties get more eyeballs but those eyeballs are there for the nascar part of the equation. Not the twisty part. IndyCar does have ovals but most nascar fans consider indy to be a twisty sport and it contributes to a lack of interest in crossing over.

Of the 300k, 200k watch all forms of twisty action. F1, IndyCar and Sports cars. The rest tend to be smitten with one form over another. Its no mystery that nbc's first goal was to try to get all the F1 people to watch IndyCar and vice versa, but that is the low hanging fruit. No real growth for any of those series happens until these series figure out a way to increase the number of people willing to watch twisty racing.

Ron Ford

So a guy in Portland sits on his remote and accidentally brings up a IndyCar race somewhere. On the chance that he finds it exciting, he may check out the schedule to see when and where there is a race in his area that he can go to and maybe take his kids to. Finding none in the Portland area (story can be repeated in most of America), the chances of him becoming a fan are slim to none. Fans need races to go to to become and remain fans. Since the IndyCar business model continues to try and sell champagne to track owners with a beer budget, the chances of potential fans having a race to go to in their area are slim to none.

That is just one aspect of today's racing reality. I go to many custom car shows. Most of the people there are middle aged to older gents like myself. I cannot remember the last time I saw a teenager working on a car in my neighborhood. Most of the time they are texting, tweeting, twerking, or whatever. Not much fan potential there.

F1 is actually in worse shape than IndyCar. Six teams are broke.

I think Bill is correct in suggesting that 300,000 on TV and 25,000 at a race is about all we can expect for the forseeable future. That would be OK if there was 25,000 at Phoenix, Portland, Road America, etc.

I will let smarter people than me worry about this and just do my part by going to as many races as I can afford. Mostly these racing blogs are read by a tiny number of folks (no offense Bill), so we are preaching to the choir anyway.

Is it October yet?? Damn!


Is the 2013 season over? Or are we in the "overseas exhibition" season now? Does the 2014 season start in Houston, or is that still part of last year? Or is it an exhibition? Is Houston overseas? Who won the twisty trophy? Is there still an oval trophy? Are they still racing on ovals? Is Fontana an oval? Is it overseas? Is that next year or this year?


What a killer this 5 week gap is, we can't talk about anyone actually contesting the sport we all hate to love or love to hate.


What vern said.

I've given up almost entirely on IndyCar. And guess what? I'm still alive and happy!

F1 and MotoGP still excite me. Athough Vettel is running away with the championship again this year there is no denying the incredible driving talent of nearly the entire F1 field. You certainly can't say that about the demo derby clowns in the IndyCar cockpits. Marc Marquez is setting MotoGP on its ear. And for an oval fix the World of Outlaws can't be beat!

Seeing NASCAR reapeth what it hath soweth is amusing. Still, it will take more than this most recent debacle to bring down the beast.

IndyCar? Meh...


What is this racing league called IndyCar you folks keep talking about???

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