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October 05, 2013


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Ted Wolfram

IndyCar needs to get it's sanctioning fee in line with reality.....a full house is one thing, the average IndyCar crowd is another thing!!


Sure Kansas will let them race long as they get their guaranteed money for the track etc. The question is can Indycar afford it as they cant keep buying their track time & expenses or they'll be bankrupt soon. Also finding a sponsor to back them wont be easy in these times with the low ratings and of course don't count on the low attendance for paying for much either. Iam sure lots of tracks will let them race if Indycar pays the expenses but that's another story and problem when the ratings are lower then infomercials.

Also anyone watching the Nascar races Sat & Sun. at Kansas seeing how slippery and dangerous that track was for stock cars--think about that for Indycars at higher speeds--a very dangerous crashfest in the making.

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