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December 11, 2013


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Well said ,sir!


"Funnier than the Jay Mohr bits were the reaction: SCANDALOUS BEHAVIOR FROM DANICA!! Except that it wasn’t a big deal at all. Really. Objectively. You watch the video above and say, "That’s what all the 'can’t take a joke' fuss was about? Pffft."

But the screen capture of the icy expression RACED AROUND TWITTER and Danica was castigated for not laughing at herself. One screen capture: Danica judged. Such is the life under the microscope."

Yeah, but that's always been the case. I remember multiple incidents of "Danica did WHAT??" back when she was in Indycar. Like the Indianapolis 500 qualifying run where she talked about the car not being all there. For the next week, the phrase "thrown under the bus" in relation to her crew became the most overused phrase on the internet. And she didn't say anything any other driver hadn't said before or since.

That's just one example. There are myriad others. But people skewer Danica when they can't even remember other drivers doing the same or similar acts. I'd like to tell writers for once, publish something from Dixon, or Alonzo in F1, or a bunch of drivers being frank in NASCAR, but "accidentally" attribute it to Danica. Watch the outrage. Hell, take one of their old quotes from times past where fan reaction was minimal and republish it as if it's from Danica. I'll guarantee there will be a ton of howls following that.

Like you said, such is life under the microscope. We all know it's a feature of fandom. But that doesn't make it right. On the contrary, it's something I wish fanbases would correct themselves of.


First off--the Mohr thing was way overblown but that's what people do with anything regarding Danica. MY opinion on all this twitter hate is too many dumb rednecks and sexists pigs who cant stand Danica being in Nascar given the very few females throughout history who even had a chance at it given the anti woman attitude of woman in the male dominated sport of auto racing. Danica has made it to the top of auto racing and they cant handle her being there esp since she takes the spotlight away from many other drivers as she did in Indycar as well so they act childish and immature with their nasty rants. However the jokes on them as they're too stupid to realize that if you don't like someone, you ignore them to make them go away as Danica does all these little haters. She doesn't respond to them firing back on social media ever, and that's what bothers them the most probably, that she is ignoring them? These negative comments on social media look like a lot only because many are the same ones over & over but the haters are but a few grains of sand on a beach where all her real fans ARE the beach.

Regarding the ACAs Danica did what she always does, did a good job with what she had to work with. What I mean is making fun at her small bra size thing maybe taking it too far past the first laugh, but Iam not the producer telling her what to say or how much to say? The beginning of the show was good as was most of her part in the show. Trace in the Godaddy suit trying to fit in the car wearing Rickys jump suit was funny and their banter after that was the funniest to me.

Facts are--Award shows and hosting is always subjective no matter who it is as the producers set the stage scripting what they say or do with the jokes etc which cause some to do well at it and some to fail. However, if Danica wasn't good at public speaking and dealing with all that, she would'nt be invited like she is everywhere to do so?

BTW--more to come tonight-- Danica will be on Kelly Clarkstons Christmas show tonight Wed. at 10 pm et NBC.


Over all these years, all these trials and tribulations in IndyCar and NASCAR, all the controversies real and contrived, all the hoopla and hating, I have never changed my view of Danica...I'd hit it.


Pressdog it's like you were in my mind (but you are a much better writer)...Thanks for this post.

It's amazing how many people (including some in the NASCAR media corps) who throw barbs at her about last night but they never even turned the program on... But as you said Danica (and her sponsors) gets the last laugh. As a fan when I become frustrated by the shots she continually takes at times that is what I come back to.


She continues to keep herself in the eye of mainstream public relations and she is to be commended for that, especially using whatever assets God gave her.

If she were a beastly looking soul would she have these opportunities? Hardly.

Nice reading you again Bill, Merry Xmas to you and yours.


Oh pressdog, you and your facts. Please post more - we miss you. Let's face it, Danica was a poor choice for a host*, only Clint Bowyer could have spun that stuff around with his itchy elbow.

P.S. Danica, you are my favorite member of SHR.

* Sweetie you were fine. Making a joke.

Ted Wolfram

The IndyCar world in 2005 had the tool they needed to bring open wheel racing back to some degree of interest in the sporting world...and they blew it.

She goes to NASCAR and she wins the pole for the biggest race in stock car Daytona.

She provides her sponsors with what every sponsor all the "haters" are having a hissy fit, and the lady smiles and does what she always does.....doing what she wishes to do and keeps adding more people to her fan list.

When she wins in NASCAR and she will...the "haters" will find some excuse for why she won. And when all said and done she will be the first women to achieve a very long list of racing records that no women ever even dreamed of accomplishing!!


The IndyCar world in 2005 had the tool they needed to bring open wheel racing back to some degree of interest in the sporting world...and they blew it.

Interesting choice of words to say Indycar blew it, but in regards to the TV deal - they absolutely did.

From 2005-2008, 16 of the 28 Indycar races on ABC got a 1.0 or better, with the final year on ESPN/ESPN2 drawing 778,000 viewers per race- including three races that year with at least 1 million viewers (Homestead, Kansas and Texas).

To go from that to Versus (now NBCSN) just set the product back and they haven't recovered.


Well guys the facts are it wasnt Indycars choice to go to a low rated unknown network like Versus when they did. Indycar had NO choice in the matter as no other network wanted them due to the low ratings even on ABC.

An article recently stated that since Danica left Indycar, Indycars overall ratings are 27% lower then when she was there. Articles also mentioned that Indycar has NO real star power to attract the fans and while many think a sport should just be about results, facts are without popular people in the sport to attract the mainstream fans & media, the sport will become invisible as has Indycar-- for the most part.

Even now since its a yr early, Nascar is starting to release articles stating they know their ratings will be lower in 2015 when the NBC contract starts. With only a few races on the major NBC network and 13 I believe on the low rated NBCSports cable network, which some call a graveyard network, Nsscar will get to see if they can survive with barely a million people or so watching--if that? More importantly due to the high cost of sponsorship in Nascar, how many big sponsors will stick around with no one watching--or certainly not enough to pay the bills, other then those just looking for a tax write off anyway??

The NNS series has had very low ratings now at less then a 1.0, like .o8 etc I saw once and tha puts the NNS series in jeaporady as well as to their future on TV. Nascar thought young stars like Larson, Blaney, and others they threw into the NNs series even PT or even Travis Pastrano would help NNS ratings,but it didn't? Some believe Nascar will be in trouble once the big name popular veterans start retiring as well, as the younger fans just don't watch Nascar that much for whatever reasons, too boring or just don't care about it??

Some say people are bored with long races, not competitive etc but whatever the reason, ratings will continue to drop but Nascar has the dollars to do whatever necessary-for awhile anyway, but Indycar is on its last legs hoping for a miracle?

Ron Ford

Cable TV networks have lost 5 million suscribers since 2010 (including me) That is more than a blip, that is a trend that is acclerating. Sponsors are watching this trend closely and spending their advertising dollars accordingly. Even Danica can't stop that train. We who love racing keep talking about ratings. That's kind of like rating the music on the Titanic as it slowly went down. Where are all those viewers going? The same place I find this fesitval of frivolity.

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