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December 05, 2013


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I don't think I've ever shyed away from calling it like I see it, be it construed as negative, positive, or indifferent (nor should you brohams). Essentially what I'll predict for Indycar is that it will be gone from Iowa Speedway in under 4 years and actually I'd set the over/under at March 1, 2016 (2 1/2 years from now) when Indycar's departure becomes official. TAKE YER BETS!

I sincerely hope I'm wrong but there is fair historical evidence to point to this eventuality.

Chris Lukens

P-dawg - good to see you back. I have assiduously resisted removing from my favorites list. In fact over the last two months I have regularly checked in ( and clicked on the ads to try to send a few google bucks your way ). And don’t worry about being “Negative” most people recognize that as being “Realistic.”

I do have a question about the upcoming Iowa Corn 300. Will they have the heat races again this year?


Iam amazed at the fact of how Indycar survives nowdays anyway with such ridiculously low ratings? What are sponsors thinking as no one or certainly not enough people are watching to give the sponsors a return on their investment $$ wise anyway? This is why some big sponsors have left Indycar and I think more to follow. Even if sponsorship is cheap in comparison to Nascar, the fan base isn't 10% of what Nascar has nowdays and their ratings have dropped.

Oh well Indycar fans will always be positive so good for them but its only a matter of time how long Indycar can continue to sustain itself at this low level.

Happy Holidays


As I sit here drinking a double caipirinha in my very own pressdog® DRINK, ye BASTARDS® pint glass (in honor of Woman of pressdog® Bia Figueiredo's 20th anniversary in racing party this very evening, recalling her FIL win at Iowa Speedway) I just noticed something. In comparison, the imprint on my glass is much smaller and less bold than the one depicted above. I feel....cheated.

That being said...yeah, what you said.


I'm a bit more optimistic about IndyCar racing in Iowa. I think as long as there is an IndyCar series, someone will make sure there is at least one race at Newton every year.

Angry Badger

The only problem with Nascar giving Iowa a race is how munch would it hurt Kansas and the casino they built for themselves. When the contract is up with Indycar, Nascar will set the terms so Indycar can't afford to race at Iowa.

Ron Ford

I am not smart enough to know what this may mean for IndyCar racing in Iowa and the only thing I can predict with any certainty is my own mortality. So I will just go to the race there this summer and help the gate. I can pass the time and the miles by counting corn stalks on the way. I also plan to try one of those pork chops on a stick that Simona favors. Thanks for your thoughts Bill.


NASCAR will eventually buy IndyCar at a very low price that it helped engineer by buying up the oval tracks where IndyCar previously held relatively succesful races. That may not be their primary objective with Iowa, but if it has that as a tangential benefit, then that's cool.

Yes, yes, yes. I know that IndyCar is a joke right now, but imagine it with the sudden availability of half a dozen or more ovals. Imagine more Nationwide races on road courses and even select street courses. Imagine a limited number of NASCAR/IndyCar double header weekends. Imagine more cross-over of drivers between the two series.

Imagine airline mergers. That's the long-term business plan here. The smaller airline (the George family) will eventually gladly take what the bigger airline (the France family) offers.

Tom G.

Sure will miss that Iowa Race on the Indycar schedule. I'm sure they can find a way to replace it with a street course race in the parking lot of Bass Pro Shops in Altoona.

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