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January 18, 2014


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Jeremy from Harrisburg

Good thing I don't watch NASCAR unless I need a nap. These changes still don't account for the major difference between racing and stick & ball sports: When the Patriots and the Broncos play this weekend, there is no danger of the Colts storming the field and taking one team out, intentionally or by accident.

That being said, good for Utter on getting a scoop.

Ted Wolfram

I personally like it. Racing, every stick and ball game, bullfighting, or shooting craps is all about winning.

So cheering for your driver to win a race not just tool around to max out points...makes sense.

Now how about a "wild card"? Say start with all the winners, and next 16 in points....and eliminate the lowest 8 finishers in the first race, and the next 8 in the second race....this would bring drama, some driver who didn't win gets in and knocks out someone who has.

This does two things...keeps everyone all year racing when they haven't won...just to make the top 32, and gives every sponsor a reason to have there car put in the spotlight during the chase.

Anyhow NASCAR is trying to increase interest for the fans....meanwhile IndyCar is having meeting with drivers, (the same ones that have for over 10 years have seen the popularity of the series decline, since they are "the biggest asset of the series", and again ignoring the reason that people come to races to see and hear the cars. Different cars with different engines.


My first and only thought was ... 'so how is this going to make Jr. or Danica the champion' ..... and I didn't see it.

So I'm going back to my nap.


Gimicky as can be. Many thought deciding a Champion with 10 races cheapened things. Now, we'll be deciding a Champion based on ONE race. I can hardly believe it.


Saw that and its the dumbest thing to do for a Championship. A driver could win 5+ races in the season and in the Chase he could win 5 more, but still after eliminations he would have all his points taken away and have to race the other 3 highest drivers in points, now all reset even for the Championship when he clearly already had won it by a mile with all his wins (as example of the new rules) -just stupid Nascar. Dumbest thing I ever heard if they do this. Nascar fans everywhere are upset or laughing at this possible change in the points system--good grief--why even race for wins or points if theyre going to reset them anyway for the last race?

Ted Wolfram

I get all your points and it's hard to argue with any of them...except I can figure a way for Danica to win it all....but's a secret!!

However, may I ask this? In the NFL a team (like NE) wins every game but in the Super Bowl it runs into a hot team (think Giants) an loses the title.....and everyone cheered, why would it NOT be the same in NASCAR?


Television is the cash cow. Do what it takes to maintain/increase those ratings. This is what makes drivers millionaires and members of the France family billionaires. Bernie Ecclestone said he had no concern for tickets sold for a race, what matters is how many fans are in front of the TV. And he is correct.
Reduce oval track seating, fill up the stands (50,000 looks so much better on TV than 50,000 plus 50,0000 empty seats).
As for me I am very indifferent as to who is the series champ, or who wins the "super bowl". Good chance the two teams that play in the supper bowl may
have already played each other during the regular season. Nothing super about the supper bowl. Just a TV deal.
Best part about NASCAR, INDYCAR, or even F1 is the race itself. That's my opinion anyway.


I like expanding the qualifications as to who gets into the chase; the elimination part is sort of self determined by performance, without the "official" elimination process.

Throwing the title on the line for one race between four drivers is ridiculous to the max!
Why bother with the other 35 races?

Ron Ford

Just NASCAR swinging at the ol' pinata again; hoping they will get lucky and hit it and a bunch of new fans will fall out.

"Gee, we've tried the GWC, the phantom debris yellows, and the modified Chase and we are still losing fans. I know, lets modify the Chase again. Yeah, that's the ticket. Ka-Ching!"

The writer with the USA Today nailed it.

Tom G.

meh.. whatever.

To be honest, a one race winner take all really amounts to "last 25 laps of one race" after a requisite debris caution. Let's save some Sunoco race fuel and just shorten the championship to 25 laps. Call it the A Main!


I love it. It's just so NASCAR!

It's complete gimmickry gone berserk. It's like Wal-Mart had a sale on gimmicks and NASCAR went there to shop after enjoying a 10,000 calorie, $9.99, all-you-can-eat buffet dinner at Golden Corral wondering what they could do to top that. Oh, and they listened to shlocky, hackneyed country-pop on the radio while driving from Golden Corral to Wal-Mart. Songs with tear-jerker or jingoistic lyrics. Sung by bearded beer-bellied bigots. Wearing hats.

(Can you tell I have total disdain for all things NASCAR?)

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