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February 18, 2014


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In a sense, I agree that drivers should just be drivers. But on the other hand...

Females who drive face different problems than males from biology to mental differences. I think that by calling them "female drivers" it's more of a qualifying statement then a definition. To me, their success is MORE impressing because they are female rather than less.

Re: Richard Petty - I think it encompasses a generation of people's thoughts in that one statement. My grandparents certainly thought that. Females are for supporting the men, rather than competing with them. Heck, my grandma would never think about driving a car if my grandpa was there.

I'm not saying that this thinking should be granted a pass, since it's popular in that generation, but it should be and can be used to show how far we've come. The differences between how Janet Guthrie is treated and how Danica is treated are vast and should be. I thought Danica handled her reaction to his comment's correctly and professionally and congratulate her for that. I also, begrudgingly, applaud Richard for saying what he thinks and believes, no matter how out of date it seems.

Ted Wolfram

Now let's take a look...the NFL was getting all the press with "coming out"....the Olympics were getting all kinds of press, and the biggest race in NASCAR was coming up.....and "Da King" says Danica can't win!!

Suddenly, every sport's program are talking about Richard, Danica and NASCAR!!

Go Daddy has to be delighted, NASCAR screaming..."YEA", and those that give Danica no credit for anything...Laughing!!

Do I think it was staged?....If Big Bill was alive..I'd guarantee it.

When records are reviewed years from now...Danica's name will be all over the record books in both IndyCar and NASCAR as the first women to really on the highest of racing in the US...succeed!

Let's hope Simona can do the same in F1.

The Speedgeek

Good luck to Simona. Can't begrudge her for following her dream (99.99999% of drivers get either one shot or zero shots at it, so you probably have to take what you can get in that world), but she is joining Sauber as the #4 driver. That means that she will have to DESTROY drivers #1 through #3 in the simulator, then prove beyond any shadow of doubt that she's one of the two best in the actual car when she gets thrown the bone of a handful of test miles. Oh, and did I mention that drivers #1 through 3 come with varying sizes of checkbook, so if she only outpaces any of them by a tenth or two, the guys will still get the nod?

Seriously, I hope that she defies the odds and gets a full time ride, but even for her, in the circumstances she's just stepped into, the odds are way stacked against her. Judging from Indy in 2011, she's not one to back down from a challenge, though. I just hope that this'll all work out for her and that we're not pining for her to land a World Endurance Championship ride in 2015 after Sauber has to chase other drivers' checks.

kc underwood

Awesome piece of journalism Mr. Pressdog! Your y chromosome doesn't get in the way of accurate reporting on women in racing anymore than the lack of a y chromosome hinders a person's ability to drive a car. Keep writing, please!


As I've stated on my blog and in some other comments I really think it is bad for Indycar to not have any female drivers. I do think Indycar should help some drivers out, if not actually giving money at least assisting with sponsorship. There are certainly reports (truthfulness unknown)that both NASCAR and MotoGP help assist certain drivers/riders with getting a ride. I think it makes sense because if you get a field filled with random ride buyers like Jakes, Huertez, and the Russian no one is going to watch it. I do think there is something up with the fact that there are a lot of talented female drivers without a ride, but I can't exactly put my finger on what it is. Is it a structural bias, a sponsor issue (as in unwilling to sponsor women?), series management bias (cough Bernie cough) or what but the fact that marketable and popular women can't get a ride seems... odd.

I am a huge Simona fan but I have to agree with Speedgeek on this, the Sauber deal seems like a joke to me. I get that people write this as a courtesy, but I do not get how it is a "good" deal for Simona. She's not even the third driver! There is no guarantee she'll even be at the young drivers test! As far as I know Simona doesn't have a ton of money so for her to actually get a Sauber ride in 2015 they have to lose/fire one of the current drivers, then decide to put her in ahead of the two reserve drivers, any free agents and random ride buyers out there. I believe Simona is good enough to deserve it, but do I actually think Sauber will do that? I hope so, but I'm not too sure. And even if they do put her in a car, so what? Bourdais was a great talent and look how far he went. Kobayashi was a good talent at Sauber and no major team picked him up. F1 is 99% about the car, so it's hard to impress at Sauber, and even if you do unless someone leaves/flames out at a major team it means very little. I want her F1 dream to work out; I'd watch if she was racing, especially in a good car, but I'm rather skeptical. I could be wrong though. Maybe Swiss Nationalism and Bernie (wants her for marketing reasons) are stronger forces than I realize and maybe a big team will notice or maybe BMW (or another funding source) will rejoin Sauber. I just am not holding my breath for good outcomes here.

I think Danica has talent and potential, but she's doing very poorly in NASCAR. Obviously she could win a race (Lagano at Loudon, Ragan at Talladega) but she is a very long ways from being competitive week in and week out. When you finish around David Ragan and David Gilliland in points there is something wrong. It will be interesting to compare her, Stenhouse, Dillon, and Larson and see who does well and who doesn't.

Petty's comments crossed a line though, especially as he's made questionable comments in the past about female drivers. If Steph heard him right I cannot even formulate a non offensive response to the idea God didn't make women to be racing drivers.


Perhaps Petty tired of being NASCAR's hero and decided he'd like to play heel for a change.

Probably not, but his words would certainly fit such a situation.


Nice read Pressdog. Facts are throughout history woman in racing have been met with male chauvinism & sexism starting with the Nascar born & bred redneck series. It was then and is now never more vocal then the Pettys and the Earnhardts attitudes towards them telling Janet Guthrie she didn't belong in a race car etc. The fact they are hailed today as heroes and idols among those who cant or wont see their true womanizing nature that is afront to all womam in racing. Now Danica is paying for that being targeted by Fox and its anylists every 5 minutes like NO male driver ever has been, and now this Petty comment as well. Its like Nascar is on an agenda being afraid of her popularity being more popular then winning drivers as she clearly is to somehow get her out without them taking the hit for it? Have you heard the other new rule Nascar just did lining up the hualers with parts by team instead of points? Now her hauler is at the opposite end of the track from her garage & will greatly hinder her crew if they need parts during the race, in an article yesterday.

Now for Simona hailed as the better Danica to show her up--yeh--well--some bad equip but last yr her teammate won the 500 so no excuse last yr but she did get a podium when only 6 cars were left on the lead lap though?? She has talent on rd courses etc but sucked on ovals. Indycar fans saying she was well liked etc didn't help her as apparently none of the owners in Indycar wanted her or she would have a ride this yr per trackforum insiders. Therefore she had no choice but to do this thing with F1 although as stated most don't believe she will ever really get a seat in 2015--just a PR move maybe for F1--don't know?

Does auto racing really want females as it doesn't look like it? Danica is all that's left far as females with ft rides in top series auto racing. Females certainly aren't getting even close to the same consideration for rides other males even foreign drives with no experience are getting in Indycar let alone Nascar rarely giving females rides in their series??

Maybe they all want just their little boys club back but females all draw a certain amount of fans that the males cant, so doesn't make sense--Oh well?

Ted Wolfram

Hey I've got an idea......Ask "The King" how he did when he came to Indy and tried to drive an Indy car?

Can't find that he ever tried? Well he did!!

Hint: Not well..!!

Maybe.... Danica should ask him!!!


Tony S shot his mouth off saying Danica should race Petty & now he said yeh, but we all know that's a no win situation for her regardless for obvious reasons. Tony for a time never said anything and now hes saying stupid things so Tony heres a clue-shut up".

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