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May 11, 2014


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re: hinch. No race car will ever be 100% safe. And I'm sure any conversation about canopies will lead to name-calling and doom-saying on both sides. But hasn't technology gotten to the point where they could construct a sort of "windshield" to deflect flying objects? I seem to remember little windshields on some of the old roadsters.

re: indygp. Seems to me it's the fourth twisty in a row that was fairly routine. I'm happy if it's successful because I think it's a good idea, but unless these twisties bring forth more competition and passing, I don't think they'll (sorry) move the needle for Indycar.

re: starts and restarts. something has to be done. starts and restarts make Indycar look like they don't know what they're doing. at this point--double-wide, single-file, standing, flying, one-at-a-time, whatever--I'll just settle for consistent, professional and as safe as possible.

re: daniker. good for her.


The Indy Gp was okay, but it did not feature very much passing. Some people enjoy race strategy, fuel savings, and that sort of thing and that is fine. However I want Indycar to aspire to be something more, and feature actual fighting for the lead/passing ect. The ABC broadcast seemed unable to show anything besides the leader which did not help, but I felt like the fuel savings was what contributed to less on track passing. I agree with Redcar, 4 races, not a ton of action, and I personally feel a bit disappointed.

While I am a bit of a Danica critic I was very happy to see her run upfront. I hope this is the start of a new trend for her and she builds on this. I like that Harvick helped her, and I hope it continues. It will be interesting to see how she does at Charlotte.

As a Jeff Gordon fan seeing him win was incredible. While he won at Martinsville in the fall, he's let so many race wins go since 2007 it is good to see him start early. I like underdogs and I like unpredictability, but I would personally enjoy seeing Gordon win 5-10 races this year and remind everyone who the best NASCAR driver of the current generation really is.

Jeremy from Harrisburg

I think someone smart and knowledgable (Derrick Walker cough cough) should be on point for the standing starts. I think if he worked with the manufacturers and ecu provider it is fixable. The drivers CAN do it, we've seen it before.


Oh Indycar. The start was mess, the restarts were a mess. What can you do?

As for Danica hate, that's so 2006. Hating on Austin Dillon is the new trend.

Besides before Danica, there were never any overhyped NASCAR drivers. Oh wait....

Ron Ford

I enjoyed the GP of Indy which is 180 degrees from my expections when the idea was first floated. Regarding cockpit canopies: I think they call that NASCAR.

As for NASCAR I can only enjoy it with the sound turned off.


So 3 drivers almost met their maker on Saturday. Savedra, Eleshin and Hinchcliffe

Do you hear the outrage? Do,you hear the call for computerized systems that actually work? Do you hear the call for driver head protection????

I hear crickets chirping.

Betcha if the drivers involved were on red teams or maybe RHR the level of consternation would be much, much more intense.

".........but as it stands these guys are just collateral damage............ And I'm REALLY pissed.

Ted Wolfram

The start was a mess because of the was not deigned for a standing either fix it or forget standing starts.

As for the restarts.....and you want all the cars on the front stretch....move the re-start zone down the track toward the first turn. The only thing the start and finish line is for is the "start" and the "finish"......"DUH!!!!!

Danica needed a mentor and Kevin Harvick is that in spades....She can drive...she just needed to be shown that what works for an IndyCar won't work for a stockcar, and more than that what will work!!!

Her average finish in the "500" is very good and she proved to me that she could drive....when TK tried to run her into the wall for 19 laps at Homestead and she finally got around him. They didn't like each other.....but she and Tony made peace with each other at DW funeral.

Being a women in a man's sport is tough, and she handles it well....I cheer for all the women....and Danica if she can win will open the door for gals like Jessica Clark who I think has excellent talent.

I love the T-Shirt Kevin's little boy wears...."Danica digs me"!!!

NASCAR, SHR, Pressdog, and about 1,000,000 followers on Twitter will all stand and cheer when Danica wins...and she will!!

The Speedgeek

I still don't understand why ABC refuses to take a page (or, more aptly, a few chapters) out of Speed/NBCSN's F1 coverage book. Race a little parade-y? Fine, show some illustrations of how the gaps between cars is growing/shrinking. This just takes some nerd looking at T&S working with the graphics guys, so shouldn't break the bank. T&S broken, as it appeared like was the case for most of the day on Saturday? Fine, make sure the aforementioned nerd has a stopwatch and can communicate through the producer to the booth guys. Cars running different setups (as appeared to be the case on Saturday, since my naked eyeball told me that Jack Hawksworth and a couple other guys were running less rear wing than everybody else...not that the ABC guys ever made more than one or two mentions of such a thing even being a possibility)? Please tell us about that, and tell us how it affects how the cars go quicker/slower at different points of the track/race. This stuff is done for cheap/free and can add a ton to liven up a semi-boring race, just takes some forethought and planning, and a willingness to do something a little different than what you've done before.

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