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May 06, 2014


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Tim in Independence

Here's Bourdais in-car for you to watch


I agree things aren't looking good for Indycar oval racing; but I refuse to completely give up. NASCAR's having a great season this year, best racing I've seen since 04-05. But I still love the Indycar's on the ovals, I love how close and how fast it is and NASCAR simply does not do that. I am a fan of both to be honest. I refuse to go quietly into that good night, though I understand why many have given up hope, and those who prefer road and street races are pretty happy.


I like the street, oval, road mix and think it's the diversity of tracks that Indycar should continue to hang it's hat on. Having said that, I think more than anything it's the specifics of each track that makes the racing good. For ovals (outside of Indy) Iowa seems to be the type of track that makes for the best racing. For twisties, it is (was) Brazil. Interesting what you said, Dog, about Indycar has to go where they're invited (like vampires) but it's the quality of racing that interests me and that is largely determined by the track. So places like NOLA are okay with me as long as the track is racy. For that reason, I look forward to the Wrong Way Race this Saturday with anticipation and fingers crossed. Congrats on the graduate.

Ted Wolfram

It doesn't matter where they race....the only thing that matters is how many butts are in front of the tube with one exception....the "500".

The rest could be raced on Mars....if we don't build a TV audience.....IndyCar racing will remain an afterthought in the sport's world!

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