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August 22, 2007



Bill - I was granted one more year of our traditional first day of school pictures standing by the blue panther sculpture(school mascot)in the entryway of the elementary school. Because next year - "in middle school, you are NOT taking pictures at the school, Mom."


LOL, Ann. Very soon you'll have to drop them off a block away and then vanish into the morning, like a Mom Ninja, so as not to bring life-ending embarrassment on them. I saw a few video cameras at Jena's school. No camera booms or choppers, though.


Did you get the video script done?


Sort of. Drafted. As done as it needs to be right now.


Teresa from Sioux City here, also recalling Haley's kindegarten days!!!

You're articles were great and the really freaking part is --Pat replaced our kitchen faucet the exaxt same day. Creepin' me out man!

Take care!

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