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August 16, 2007



A Vikings trash can? Ah, irony.

Love the lair. (You don't suck.)

My juju is gone lately. I think it may be the hair cut - a Samson/Delilah thing?


KT. I suck compared to you. That trash can is, conservatively, 15 years old. It was relegated to holding the lint cleaned out of the lint catcher in our dryer. But, when the underground lair was created, I started using it for business purposes. Like me, it's a survivor. Now I'm kind of fond of it. Your hair cut may have thrown off your schwerve. Maybe if you posted a photo of the new 'do that would exorcise the demon ..

My Name Is IRL

Just as an FYI: August in Arizona is not at all dry since it's the heart of monsoon season. June and July are when we get into the "80 days without rain" around here.

Yes, I'm now a deputy with the Simile Police.

Seriously though, that is a most awesome post with a most awesome logo. I wish I had a friend like Melissa to dress up my site.


Thank you, Officer Simile. I edited in your honor. And Melissa is KILLER.

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