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August 28, 2007



here here
after watching football last night... i thing we should be calling it BSPN.


I couldn't watch the game last night. Not because it was a crappy preseason game. But because the Michael Vick-a-thon made my dinner want to get up and get outta me! He's a criminal, he's done in the NFL - LET"S STOP GIVING HIM AIR TIME!!! I voted by not watching anymore. I hope everyone else would do the same.


While I agree with your looooooow opinion of Michael Vick, I disagree with your faith in sports fans. Remember Kobe Bryant? He treated a WOMAN as badly as Vick treated his dogs — and he's still a big shot on the Lakers. OJ Simpson, the Duke lacrosse players, even guys on my high school football team — everyone turned a blind eye because they were atheletes.

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