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September 28, 2007



Hey Z! I'm so glad one of us is amped ...especially glad you're doing my work for me ... since, as you sit there bringing the heat, I'm sitting here pondering reality vs. unreality, what's it all for, ultimate nothing-ness, what my life means today, what will I leave when I'm gone, and why I'm constantly letting my coffee grow cold before I drink it these days. Anything but work.


What you're doing convicts you of Introspective Introversion. God love you for it. It's just the danger you face from having a HUGE BRAIN. We all have crosses to bear.


You crack me up!

Jim from Out in the Sticks

I AM A WRITER (not). But I'm "ampin" to Commander Cody's "Lost in the Ozone", no, not caffeinated at this early evening hour, but feelin' the last couple of Budweisers as I read your stuff on my desktop. Sometimes us "introverts" just have to express. Carry On!

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