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October 10, 2007



Go, Rock Bottom, go!!!

Beer Sister 1

You should try Piraat sometime. It's tasty. I have a thing for Belgium beer.


Haha, in related news, my PBR/Strohs/Schaefer taste trifecta will remain untouched.

As far as Coors Light, I can attest it does indeed taste of bovine urine, and while I've never paid for it, I did drink a batch last year after polishing off some (well, too much) Crown Royal and the Coors was the only beer left at the party. Even in that um, "elevated" state, it was bad. The only people I know who really like it are rodeo types who it seems directly marketed towards.

I'm more interested in the dynamics of the Coors/Miller relationship. Coors has been staunchly anti union in the past and heavily support many right wing political outfits (as is their right), where as Miller has been unionized forever and generally more supportive of center to left politics. I can remember growing up drinking, or worse buying Coors was extremely taboo and may still be in some households. I wonder what it will be like now?

And the problem with craft beers is the tolerable human to pretentious douchebag ratio involved in the whole process is like 1 out of 10...almost as bad as F1 racing, haha.


Johnny, not all of us micro brew drinkers drive Volvos and complain about the lack of televised squash matches. Last time I tried to drink a Coors Light (given to me for free) I ended up discretely pouring half of down the drain. Normally inexcusable, but in this case I thought I was doing mankind a favor.


Yes, the less Coors Light roaming free, the better.

Yeah, not all micro or craft brew types are a holes, especially outside the south, where such things are a little more common. I just hate the lectures about hops, gravity and all things malt when somedays I just want to grab my white trash beer with out getting called a "hipster" or being told that I have no taste.


I have been beer-free for 6 months and missing the stuff as I type!

Next time you hit Rock Bottom, have an IPA for me! Check out these fine Colorado labels that taste much, much better than Coors:




Also, some of my favorite beers are brewed in New Ulm, MN at the Schell Brewery. Schell's is the second oldest family-owned brewery in the country. Try the FireBrick, Caramel Bock and their Octoberfest rocks the house! You pretty much can't go wrong with Schell.

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