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November 18, 2007



I took a survey call today... I LOVE giving my opinion to the pollsters. I don't know why exactly. Maybe I think I'll have an influence in tomorrow's headline that will read "Obama leaps ahead of Hillary in latest Iowa poll"... you never know. But here is the interesting thing... the guy doing the survey read different names and asked me if my opinion of that person was very favorable, somewhat favorable, etc. etc., and went down his list... Hillary, Obama, Edwards, Richardson, (yawn), John Kerry,.... (John Kerry?? okay...), George Clooney,... screeeeeech.... Me: "Did you say 'George Clooney'?" Survey dude: "yeah. the actor." Me: "very favorable." (Because "duh!" wasn't one of the choices.)

Please tell me how George Clooney got into the frickin' survey!
I'm waiting for the headline that will come of this...

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