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November 07, 2007



I think I sat next to your Natalie at an Edwards speech a couple weeks ago! Nice (and yes, tired-looking) girl!

I love being in Iowa for this whole shi-bang. I love that, on just about any given day, you can look up what politician happens to be in town and then go see them with only a hundred or so other folks. It's GREAT. They look different in person... smaller... somehow... anyway...

I've decided to go with Big O at the caucuses, after a serious consideration of Johnny Boy. After many years of thinking there are just no good politicians out there, I'm surprised to find myself actually inspired by not one, but TWO candidates this year. And if neither one of them can knock the Hillster off, it's okay, that'll be fun, too.

Let me know when you're ready to start a Democrats club at church... I'm with ya. :)

Jim from Out in the Sticks

Bill Richardson (who has hair, although not of the quality of your Johnny) is my choice. Too bad he doesn't have much of a chance. I suppose I'm going to have to get out to my local caucus and insure that he's "viable". If that fails, I'm sure that either your Johnny or Angie's Big O could use some assistance holding the Hillster at bay.

Julie Brown

Awesome! I'm on the Edwards team as well. Natalie rocks, but I'm with Eric. Have you seen me in the latest commercial? Don't blink at the end and there I am. Are you going to the JJ dinner Sat night? I'll be there with bells on.

I agree, this stuff gets into your bloodstream and it makes you willing to knock on strangers doors, make phone calls and attend more rally's than high school.

I wish you were in my precinct, I'm sure you can get all the non-viables into the JRE camp!

Precinct WDM212 signing off....


Homeys! B.O. is my second choice. Mega props to Richardson for using humor in his ads. Points for him right there. Gird yourselves, brothers and sisters, for the coming battle and thanks for reading.


Via CNN, I saw Barack Obama speak at the Democratic Convention a few years ago and was stopped in my tracks. Seriously. I just sat cross-legged staring at the television. The man is magnetic - and we just so badly need a change from old politics to (hopefully) something bigger and better.

He's been my pick ever since.

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