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November 15, 2007



Dude.. I sooooo feel your pain. We've got one hitting 16 in mid-January. She, too, is posting magazine glossies of 2008 sports cars all over her walls. Downfall? she hates to work and she never follows through. Fun, fun, fun..


My god. This post is a gold mine. I printed it out and am putting it in the sugar bowl at home. Colton turns 16 in 6.5 years. Then I shall just quote it word for BRILLIANT word.

For the record - my first car (purchased in late 1990) was a 1972 Buick LeSabre. Shit brown. Green paisley seats. AM punch-dial radio. Four different tires - one of them a studded snow tire. I paid my mom $350 for it.

To this day I think she jacked me.


Thanks, KT. High praise coming from a genius writer like yourself. Tell Colton to START SAVING NOW. And, yeah, you're mom screwed ya.

Jim from Out in the Sticks

Yea, got one turning 16 in December. He HAD to have a truck. The old '88 Lincoln Town Car wasn't his thing. So he'll be driving a '78 Chevy 4X4, as soon as I get the floor welded into it so his energy drink doesn't splatter all over Highway 25. My first car (I'm REALLY dating myself) was a '55 Pontiac 2-door sedan, back in 1969. Got caught driving it to school, when I only lived two blocks away.(and I hadn't quite turned 16 yet...) Imagine the embarassment when Dad walked into my classroom and took my keys...


Myself, I had a 1972 Plymouth Duster. I think the color was booger green and prior to my dad screwing a piece of metal to the floor, I could see the road as I drove. If I was a litterer, that would have been handy. When the fenders rusted off in the driveway of the house I lived in during college and the driver's side door would no longer open, I then purchased a 1979 Ford LTD for about $1,000. Sad part, had to put it on payments, but she was all mine. My dad picked it out of course and if you haven't picked up the pattern his theory was this. "I am putting as much American steel around my daughter as possible." BZ - have you figured out the penalty for late payments if you become the banker? Because it will happen you know. Maybe putting said texting unit in the safe deposit box until the payment is made? OMG TISNF!(that is so not fair!)


Turning off the phone is pretty much the nuclear weapon, so we don't want to go right to that. I'll just disable the car by taking out the spark plug wires or something if she doesn't pay. I'll be, once again, Atilla the Father.

My Name Is IRL


I just unloaded my '04 Mustang (it was time to get a truck) and I can tell you $6000 isn't that far off the mark from what it takes to snag a PRISTINE pony with 60K miles.

If you can get her to unfixate on the neat-o keen newer models and talk her into simply starting with ANY Mustang in the '00 to '04 range then the fairy may put the Z house on her route.

BTW - if she's a Republican then throw some economic sense at her head. The word is depreciation. I ain't found a $20K new car worth $20K yet.

Good luck, and godspeed.


Thanks, IRL. I'm scouring the Internet for all the Mustang I can get for $6000 and, of course, Bob is on the job. Too bad you just unloaded your 'Stang. Maybe we could have made a deal. IndyCar stickers included, of course.

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