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January 01, 2008


Jim from Out in the Sticks

I received an email yesterday from my cousin in California, who produces film festivals and is seldom back in the midwest but keeps in touch with me via the wonderful internet. Anyway, he was wanting my take on this whole Iowa caucus thing, as it's taking up a lot of headlines out there on the west coast. (and everywhere else) I responded as best I could, and he thanked me for my thoughts. I'm going to refer him to this blog, you say it all much better than I!


Thanks, Jim. We're almost through it. Only about 48 hours to go ...


So you're still sticking with Edwards, huh? Should you change your mind and come to your senses, the Obama campaign will gladly welcome you to our corner of the caucus! Just funnin.

I'm still giddy with all of the excitement and loving the attention. Went to a rally tonight for someone from the "other side" who has zero-nada-zilch chance of getting my vote... so cool to have this kind of access. I don't intend to live in Iowa for the rest of my life, but I just may move back here every four years for the pre-caucus months.

Side note humorous moment of this evening... I was standing by the sound equipment at the rally and witnessed his sound guy REAM OUT a group of high schoolers for cheering loudly nearby, because he was trying to do his job and couldn't do it with all their yelling. There will be NO rowdy cheering allowed at this rally!! Damnit. lol. The kids did it again when a TV camera was on them, and the sound guy called security. I'm not kidding. Now I've seen everything. It's gettin' ROWDY in IOWA!!


Ange: When you're ready to support a candidate who beats every Republican by double digits in the polls, come on over to the Edwards corner. No Yelling!

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