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January 31, 2008


Rhonda (not the wife)

Love your blog. Except for mentioning McCain in any kind of nice way. In 2000 I totally would have voted for him. Seemed like an honest guy. Obviously a hero. Seemed more "real." Said he cared about the right things.

I'm a registered non-partisan so I'd have no qualms voting for a Republican if I thought he/she stood on the right side of things.

McCain doesn't. But for some reason, probably because he's likable and "real" and "that politician you always see on TV," people think he's moderate.

Which means BIG PROBLEMS for Democrats if he's the Republican pick. Cuz Independents and Democrats who don't like Hilary's "experience" may vote for Johnny Mac. Or Independents and Democrats who don't like the Obabma "vision" may vote for Johnny Mac. They might do this thinking McCain is moderate and doesn't think like Georgy. But they should listen closer to what he says and check his history and voting record.


Yes, yes. By all means always check the voting record and listen carefully. One of the several reasons I backed Edwards was I thought he had the best chance to beat McCain in the general election. Any of the Demos can beat any of the other Republican candidates, but I think McCain crushes Hillary and may edge Obama. Not saying if that's a good thing, but that's just my take on the deal.

Scout (Alexis)

Aw Bill... this was great! :) You've got a nice pulse on what's going on and what's to come. I'm attending my first caucus next Tuesday. That alone should be a riot. It reminds me a junior high election. LOL! Hope your family is great... loving your articles sweetie.

The Token Californian

As always Bill, great insights. A few thoughts to add:
- Why is it that Republicans hate Hillary? I genuinely don't understand where that comes from, and yet it seems critical to the discussion of could Hillary beat McCain (or any Republican).
- Like Rhonda (not wife), I had a lot of respect for McCain back in 2000. But in the interviening seven plus years, he's more or less been a toad for Bush as best exemplified by him hugging W right after they smeared him in South Carolina.
Also, whether we want to acknowledge it or not, he's old and his body has suffered greatly as a result of his torture in Viet Nam. He clearly has longevity in his genes, but I think it's a serious point to consider.

In 2003 I was in Austria at the time of the State of the Union address. (The infamous Axis of Evil speech.) It aired at 2a and I can tell you most of the people I was traveling with (a German ski club) awoke and watched the speech and wanted to discuss it the next day. In that moment I understood just how much our politics affect their lives and how much they care about what we do and who we elect. To your point about being aware and engaged voters -- it's a priviledge we have that I wish more people appreciated.

Thanks again Bill.

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