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January 03, 2008



Don't slip and fall on the ice.


Well Bill, I am heartened by this result and praise your good work.

My Name Is IRL

Wow! This was much more exciting than election night coverage. I hope you can get some rest now.


Very cool. Thanks for taking us along for the ride. Fun to stroll down memory lane and vicariously visit places like Valley Junction, Court Avenue, etc. You said to let you know if I wrote anything on my blog I wanted you to check out. I'll put a link at the end of this comment to what I wrote after hearing Obama came out on top last night.

I admire Edwards a lot too. He may be closer to my thinking in his, there is no excuse for people to be living in such desperate circumstances stance but I think you are right about Obama being new and fresh and he does make me feel hopeful.

I felt hopeful when Kerry and Edwards ran together then devastated when Bush won.

I've been afraid to hope that Obama might have a chance. I'm starting to hope again.


Thanks for the link. Obama really tapped into the segment of America who is sick of the usual crap and wants more sanity and less bitterness.


Thanks Bill...great stuff! You make us former Iowans proud. By the way the local San Diego Union-Trib printed its demeaning 'every four-year Why Iowa? editorial' on Thursday 1/3/08. On 1/5/08 it ran another editorial citing its wonder over a nearly all-white state selecting a black presidential candidate and what a wonderful thing that was. On Iowa!


Thanks, Greg. As a former Iowan, you know the drill. People come here -- and most of them are fabulous and kind -- but some think we're Pigcity and all drive tractors to work. What are you going to do? Except offer them a $5.50 beer and a huge pig ear! We don't have the wonderful weather of San Diego, but we also don't have the $4 gas either. It's a trade off.

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