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September 22, 2008



Many good points as always, Bill. But there ARE people out there who are open to opposing viewpoints. They aren't the ones talking, though. They are the ones listening. Which is why you might not notice them. I was one of them in the span between 2001 and 2004, when I was taking a second look at my political beliefs, and how, if at all, they meshed with what I professed my faith to be. I did a lot of listening, and I'm so thankful for the people whose paths I crossed during those years who could speak calmly and rationally about their opinions, when it would have probably been easier for them to just go negative. It's something I haven't forgotten, and still need to remind myself of. I have to believe there is still a place for respectful debate. Call me a naive idealist (just like they call the guy I support in this presidential race! ha), but maybe there's someone out there whose path I cross, who is just quietly listening, as I was.


Bless you, St. Angie.


Yeah, my response was kinda pollyanna, wasn't it? Don't get me wrong, I've thrown my fair share of labels on other people too.

But I don't think liberal is a bad word. Some of my favorite dudes (and dudettes) from history were considered liberal in their day.

And that Keith, he probably deserved it.


Great spiel Bill.

The world is full of "why" it seems. Heck, my daughter asks me all the time. (That's why I recommend recording "How It's Made" on Discovery channel - and by the way, kids like it to - it's a huge help.)

Sometimes the answers are so difficult (such as the case in politics) that it's easier to just avoid the truth and say that's just the way it is. I hate even saying that. That's not my style. But I'm just as frustrated as you are. Two truths I've realized - we Iowa boys are unique and I believe that. Meaning we have been raised to be polite, respect our elders - get my drift? This is something other places in the country have no concept of. And the other truth, though sad as it may be, is we live in a culture where everyone loves a train wreck, a car crash, (pick your favorite reckless activity here) and we love it so much, our taste for the ugly as you put it, is what some of us like.

It's human I guess. But the problem with this really ugly behavior, is it's trickle-down effect, sooner or later, we all get hurt in someway. I wish I had the answer, God knows I wish.

Because someday, my little girl is going to grow up and ask, why?


Nice post. Very thoughtful. I've browsed some of your posts and agree a lot with what you have to say.

Amazing, that. I'm an unrepentant non-believer in an religious practice; I am not a father; I am not a (good) writer. So, all we have in common is that we're both husbands. Right?

Of course not. There can be a common ground. Folks just need to listen more often and understand someone does not have to be a clone of oneself in order to share or have valuable opinion.

Reader subscribed.


AS a Canadian who just followed you in your "Pressdog" guise, I am over here now and impressed with your take. You are asking the USA to take a kindler, gentler step back in debate. That is fine, except the nasty stuff has always part of US poltics. Read some of the stuff said about Thomas Jefferson when he was running against Adams for President. And these two were FRIENDS.

US politics has always been nasty and there has been name calling and labels tossed around. Canadian politics used to be a little more like what you have wishfully wanted, but it too is nasty. Poltics is about powerful people with agenda's wanting power when you get right down to it.

As for your fiscal ideas, you would paralyse the US Congress in about 10 minutes. Debt and deficit are part of running gov'ts. The trick is to not let the debt and deficit to be put out of hand. Like now...like....the US is screwed if someone doesn't clue in that the only way out will be to devalue the US dollar. Shades of the Weimar Republic......

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