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September 29, 2005


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I personally think increasing the amount of cowbell at each IndyCar racre would help.You can never have too much cowbell.


It's not impossible to have too much cowbell, but it is extremely difficult. Now if some team's fans all rang cowbells when the team won, we'd be onto something.


The problem with letting fans play their cowbell if their favorite team won is that unless you're a fan of AGR, you may as well not bring your bell to the track.Ever watch the Olympics when they go into the final lap of a bicycle race and they start ringing a cowbell because it's go time for the riders? They could try that.They could also give everyone in the stands a few rocks & show them where the ABC TV booth is located. That would liven up the TV broadcast for sure.


Too much cowbell didn't work for the Columbus Clippers,all those years ringing my dang bell and they still suck.Can you believe they are the Yankees farm team? O_O


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