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September 19, 2005


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You've got a well thought out blog. I'm working on an idea for a currency forex blog. The blog is going to be centered around this type of stuff. This is going to be my hunting grounds for currency forex ideas.


I'm starting to think comments like these above are automated. Are you a real human?


I have a relative who blogs and she started getting a ton of these. There is a feature you can use that requires commenters to type in one of those distorted verification words before they can post a comment. Solved the problem for her.Unfortunately, your post may not be far off the mark. A helmet punted by a car, even at caution speed, can be a dangerous projectile.


Thanks for the idea. I may just nuke out any crazy auto posts since I Have the Power.


Don't tell'em it's satire. You'll get published in the New York Times and be quoted on Fox News.


I know whats with the satire warning?!! I would pay money just to see CBS or espn or whoever is covering this week's indy at the glen asking Dan how he thinks he can handle the Glen's turns using only his knee's..My wife and I are driving out there for the event I'm going to ask him myself, I'll let you know what he says...


You'd be amazed. Before the Indy 500 I wrote that the Andretti Green drivers had met to do rock-paper-scissors decide who was going to win the race, since it was obviously going to be one of them. I heard from someone that someone they knew was outraged and was going to call the IRL office to complain about the AGR actions. Seriously. That's when I started putting the disclaimers on them.

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