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September 26, 2005


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Yesterday the TV choice was an IRL race on a real road course or Champ Cars in a flat-out, no-lift oval race. Kind of ironic, isn't it?

Lance Overton

Well, the ironic thing is that between both of these snoozefests, I found a NASCAR race at Dover more interesting.Tragic, really.Who else wishes SpeedTV had been showing the A1GP race? Anyone?


Irony savored. Tragedy acknowledged. It's probably just me, but street races on TV put me right to sleep. I had this one on tape so if I drifted off, I could always rewinde.


Great stuff -- keep up the good work. I really enjoy your writing!


Thanks. I just try to have some fun with it all. Have some laughs. This is not life-and-death after all.


Good work (as always)! Couple corrections though:1. No mention of the Panther "princessmobile" criticism coming true after Danica gets a tow back to the pits after killing the car on track?2. IMO Race car drivers often tend to be honest about making mistakes in the car that lead to solo accidents. Danica's admission that she killed the car didn't seem all that novel to me.3. I don't hate Danica, just calling them as I seem them.4. I would put the blame on the Dario/Dixon contact on Dixon - he was making the pass, was almost clear of Dario, and then at the last moment cut across Dario's line while in the braking zone. What do you want Dario to do, slow down faster? A rather silly move for Dixon since the race was his to lose by that point and he almost did.


1. Danica didn't get towed to the pit. She got a bump start on the track (TV showed her getting towed for about 15 feet until she could restart the car, then she dropped the tow line and was back underway.)2. Fair enough.3. Neither do I and so am I.4. Hard to say who was "at fault." I wasn't trying to place blame.

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