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June 05, 2006


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Great notes for such a wild ride! It is a shame to see Marco taken out, but I have to agree, if the Andretti clan knows Cheever to be such a big risk on the track, why take him on in a dicy spot? It seems a little patience would have gone a long way..just the way it looks from here, but otherwise, quite a race, Dixon does it again!


Thanks for the notes! It was all that and more--it was insane! On Friday and Saturday my husband had to keep hauling my butt back into our car to warm up--and we had rain gear.Jamie Little deserves a medal, you should have seen her running up and down the pits for the entire race, ponytail bobbing, trailed by her huffing camera crew. Not to mention being shrieked at by the producer guy the entire time. Love having a scanner!


Shout out to you for sticking it out. I like Jamie. I like her enthusiasm and I think she has skills.

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