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July 26, 2006


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great story, i'm sure that buddy rice will really "miss" her being around the team. pressdog must be excited about the testing being done at the iowa speedway, huh?


I'm highly excited. It'll be Danica Does Des Moines!


Dude. This one's golden! Laughing my ass off...


Oh the horrah of Kite in posing in tights shorts!Well done Dog!

ramblin man

To quote Lenny Kravitz..."what I really want to know is....are you going my way?".....this is what Herta asked Rahal. I know that many of you see shades of Herta's car atop Rahals, way back when, but remember he had his eyeballs lasered just like his boss did, way back when too. Perhaps they were neutered in tandem as well....

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