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July 23, 2006


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THANK YOU P'dog! Terrific recap of the broadcast! You are the best. Too bad about Vitor... but I'm glad Tony won. It's about time! THANKS again! I always look forward to your notes!


Two words: Excellent recap.Not only does the Root have mad physics, but his math is off as well. He said "5000 lbs of downforce, which is almost two tons."


Tip of the hat to pressdawg for another great run down. Glad I'm not the only one to catch the root's math, so a tip to mynameisirl as well. I really thought I'd hear more about A.J.'s "boys and girls" rather than boys and girl. Another jab by the Great One, as to his opinion of the gender of some of the drivers. Glad to see TK in the Circle.Ramblinman

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