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July 25, 2006


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Thanks Pressdog. These notes are always WAY more entertaining than the actual race. I watched the IRL race, but couldn't wait for your notes on both. You're FABULOUS!


Very entertaining, as always.One thing, if I may: It's "Cristiano", not "Christiano".I was hoping we'd see the last of Craig Hampson *sigh* but nooooooooo, they had to show his whiney-*** face again!Thanks for doing these and sharing your thoughts. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a hard time taking these clowns so seriously, LOL!


My bad! I suck! I changed it to Cristiano. Apologies to him for the misspelling. I enjoy the CBS Champ Car broadcasts. Derek keeps it interesting. Colorful. I certainly would hate to see him go.


Champ Car would be more interesting if they could figure out how to start a race without an accident. Other than the parade-style start they did in Houston.Good drivers, good cars, bad circuits.Good recap, dog.


You rock. :thumbup:


Champ Car would be much better if they had ovals....err nevermind (grin).Love the reports Dog. Keep it up.


This is the best Blog ever! They need to pay you to write these. Keep up the good work; I thrive on my weekly dose of sarcasm.


If you find someone who wants to pay me, I'll email you the address to send the check to. Glad you enjoy the rambling. Thanks for the note.

Jack Harrington

PRESSPUP:You got a roll goin' this week, K9!Good stuff!


Craig MacTavish. All I could think was, "why do they have an ex-Bruin starting the race?" I stopped caring right about when Bourque defected.

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