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July 02, 2006


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The IRL had a race this weekend?


I'm starting to have a bit of a "cringe factor" when Rusty starts talking. I want to like him, but it ain't easy. For example, when he mentioned Homestead as a "real neat deal". Real neat except for the pall of Paul Dana's death the event was completed under. Real neat, indeed.


no comment on the special "penske rules for running over your crew guys in the pits"? thanks for acknowledging the blantant penske preference two weeks in a row on the cautions, but the no penalty for running over your guy in pit lane so you can stay on the lead lap is a little ridiculous.if that was ganassi's cars, they would have had a 2 lap caution and put them 2 laps down.


I'm tellin ya, once Simmons and his team get that Dallara hot rod figured out ... another great recap, thanks!


Yeah, somehow the IRL stalwarts managed to keep Helio....or EEEEElio as Paul Page used to say, on the lead lap despite 18 pit visits in one caution. Simmons' father IS named Gene. Go figure. Gene Simmons, the rocker/marketing SUPER- GENIUSSSSSSSSS, was actually named Chaim Witz at birth.


If I recall correctly, they said the post-race interviews would be on ESPNews, not ESPN2. But if the place you were at didn't have ESPN2, there's no way they'd have ESPNews.


I think you're right -- It was ESPN News. We're lucky -- witih another caution we might have gone to a Champ Car-esqued timed oval race.

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