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September 16, 2006


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Jahuti Rhys

Tongue-in-cheek and all that, but as usual, the truth is illustrated.This problem has been in F1 for years: There is no substitute for cubic money. When Penske has a private wind tunnel and routinely buys particular expensive parts by the case so they can test and cherry-pick the best of the lot while the teams like D&R struggle to afford lunch, something has to be done to limit expenditures.Clearly the defacto type-acceptance of the cars hasn't helped just as limits on displacement and engine type in F1 haven't limited horsepower.The only thing that might help is a "no modifications of any sort outside of seup are allowed" rule.Personally, I think that they should allow any sort of engine, including a blown NASCAR V8 and concentrate on safety rules. That eliminates expensive tweaks as a way to the winner's circle and again puts a premium on driver performance.


Do not make the Greatest Spectacle in Racing the Greatest Spec Race in Racing just so more than 3 teams can win a race throughout the season. There is a long tradition of mid-packers and back markers. The Indianapolis 500 has never been about just driver talent, it has been about innovation, creativity, teamwork and driver talent.

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