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September 25, 2006


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Katharine is my new hero (heroine)! Wow... what a wreck! It's amazing that someone can actually walk away from something like that! Hip Hip Hooray for Kath!


One of your best, pressdog. Rock ON!


You have done a fine job on this one Dog, and I like you hoisted a beer to the toughest chick out of England since Joan Collins was bitch slapping Linda Evans!!!!


Great job Dog! One little thing though - the book "Rapid Response" isn't written by "some safety guy" - it's written by Dr. Steve Olvey - the guy that save Zanardi's life!! That man has revolutionized trauma medicine and racing - he deserves more than just "some safety guy".


Yeah, sorry. "Some safety guy" sounded worse than I meant it. Apologies to Dr. Steve Olvey and his most excellent posse. I've amended the blog to give him a fuller shout out.

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