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September 19, 2006


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ramblin man

I've gotta hand to you once again pressdawg. Not only for the stroke of pure genius, but for having the guts to actually pull off such a gutsy experiment. I'd still check out your Focus for fussion or fission or what not, over the next few days.As for the unification announcers, I'd prefer to have Paul Page, Scott Goodyear, Bobby "Jailbird" Unser, Rusty Wallace, and maybe throw in Johnny Rutherford, Danny Sullivan, and Bob Uecker on occasion.If you don't have any ill side effects in the near future, then I'll also combine window stickers.Perhaps you could have the jet stop in Illinois to pick me up as well. Be sure to have Jamie Little on board and put her in a car!Cheers mate,ramblin along as usual....


All I know is we're going anwyere, Jamie is driving, because we gotta get her in a car.

Methanol Man

Will it help Danica win?

Jahuti Rhys

First, unification would put more cars on the track and teams in the garage, but it won't put more butts in the seats. Somebody needs to put major bucks into some NASCAR-style PR.Second, *please* somebody get jamie off that silly 50cc moped and into (at least) an Indy Pro car. Who knows, she might actually be able to drive the thing.


Right on man...your Ford is racing's United Nations and your open wheel's Condi Rice!


I feel like getting an acoustic guitar and singing Kumbayah until we're blue in the face, and it's a beautiful feeling


when I first read this I thought...oh, no....our boy has done got into the fermented stuff at the bottom of the silo...but then when I realized that you made no mention of a secret fondness for Nicky Pastorelli...I thought it COULD work.But, I'll do you one better. AJ goes to NASCAR. An IRL team trades Forsyth a power-plant-to-be-named-later (corn-powered, natch) for the contract of one Paul Tracy. And suddenly, the need for a merger is averted entirely, and Iowa remains on the schedule so long as Rusty and Mrs. Rusty don't give beloved Pressdog a ride to or from the track.And THAT is what it's all about, isn't it?


Yes, evlk, that's the spirit. I'm down with all of what you said. But, if the Rustys give me a ride to the rack, it has to be in their highly safe Dodge Durango. And, for the record, ethanol is the very same kind of alcohol that's in alcoholic beverages. Which explains why we Iowans are so relaxed all the time. Cheers.


Love your posts as usual. It's surprising those logos didn't go Tracy and Tagliani or Patrick and Lazier on each other. Still makes me wonder why some people wouldn't want those two together given that it's unlikely they'll succeed and thrive separately.

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