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January 04, 2007


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You've "jumped the shark".


Awesome scoop pressdog! Keep it up.

Elmer George

The Fi-hunnert is as dead as me, Robin. Time to let it go.


Good interview!

Mark in Bowmanville

No jumping the shark here boys, Pressdog just talked to the court jester of Open Wheeled motorsport, and like most Court Jester's, the laughing is uncomfortable because he usually is RIGHT.

The reason some of you guys cant grasp that the 500 has to be part of Champ Car is because you haven't figured out no side can win this battle. The EARL and Champ Car need what the other has, and right now guys like Robin are the only one's with the balls to say so...

Jayblues must be a great site, i didnt relize they covered IRG as well.

Jayblues must be a great site, i didnt realize they covered IRL as well.


Do pressdog and Robin Miller tell it like it is? You damn betcha!


Excellent interview Pressdog. You need to do more.


Race Indy, fine. But what junkyard will allow the disposal of the smelly remains of the IRL?? That's how you solve the differences.....get rid of the IRL, PERIOD. But, race Indy and co-exist as two different series? NO WAY.


Easy there, Chief. There are plenty of boards out there where you can hurl names at the other series all you want. This ain't one of them.

Fair warning: I'll be nuking any "(SERIES NAME) SUCKS!" comments. If you want to make your point in a civil way, fine.

Scott Roberts

Big IRL Fan (and the Shelbyville Gazette's Tippy Gomez) now posts at

Jim Wilke

My sources tell me daily that the DP01 is never going to race. The windtunnel tests were collosal failures and the jig that builds the mirrors keeps breaking.

Jim Wilke

Just today i was informed that the DP 01 will not race at all in 2007. The fluid dynamics and the wings have made the car useless and are dumbing down CC.
Word is that the Atlantic chassis will be used instead.This came directly from the hairdresser of a Panoz employee.I heard that all the way up here in Alaska.


Nice interview, pressdog. I don't always agree with Robin but he's always a fun and intriguing read. Same goes for your blog. Keep it up and let's hope for a great AOW season in '07 and progress for the years to come.


Reinstate the Triple Crown at Long Beach/Indy/Cleveland

Lost me with that one Robin.

Any race in which the best view is in an airport lounge should probably be reevaluated.

How bout a Daytona/Long Beach/Indy 500/Texas Motor Speedway (not in KM)/Road America/Mid-Ohio deal?

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