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February 23, 2007


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Maybe I should go to his own site to debate this, but why would mynameisIRL argue the inevitable departure of Wheldon to NASCAR? His F1 chances appear done for, why not take a shot at the big money? And I bet the Frances would sweeten the deal (behind the scenes of course) to get a shot at the UK market.

My Name Is IRL

No sooner had I said this than I read that Chip Ganassi is seeking a fourth Cup car. This is why I usually try to avoid predictions.

FWIW, I don't think it's a case of Wheldon losing interest, but rather that unless Montoya and Hornish show demonstrable gains in 2007 I can't see a whole lot of NASCAR owners lining up for another open-wheel guy.

But you only need one owner, and if Chip is on board then Dan may be gone.


True, they're not going to be giving Cup rides to just anybody, but I would think Wheldon represents some markets a NASCAR team would like to hit. Plus, like Robin Miller wrote about a while back, even if he just went to Trucks/Busch, Difficult Dan could still likely make more money.

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