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March 25, 2007


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You know how you Speed Report fans all call me an airhead (that hurts). Over the offseason I got back together with Danny so I could get up to SPEED(giggle!) on IndyCar racing because it'd been awhile since I really paid attention. I want to fix that for you guys.

Anyway, lets just say 1 thing led to another and well .... on Friday Danny finally gave me some money so I could go to the clinic.


Easy there, "Nicole." I'm going assume that Dan was just concerned for your upper respiratory infection. Keep it clean, people.

My Name Is IRL

I think "Say My Name, BITCHES" would look much better on Wheldon's helmet then that Grand Theft Auto design.


The thing that Wheldon got off his shoulders was taking the pole. He was mad Goodyear was running his mouth saying "The red & white cars won't be on top again this year"


Good report on a lame ass race.

I think you missed a chance to comment on Mi Andretti's incredible technical insights on Marco's car. "arrrrr... i dont know"


My favorite moment was during the invocation (yeah, what does THAT tell you?) When the preacher started talking about Our Lord Jeebus, they cut to a shot of Scheckter, who is Jewish. Heh.

I'm sure Bri is trying, but the Busch Series has Jamie Little AND Shannon Spake. The IRL team has no chance.


I think you may have been right the first time about Tomas and Rock Star. I noticed the other day that he has a big Rock Star logo on his helmet and he definitely made sure everyone saw what he was drinking. They must be back sponsoring him.


Fabulous notes on a not-so-fabulous race. I'm glad Dan won... but I hope not all the races are as one-sided as that one. I was proud of Marty for only 1 "lock-step" referece! He's learning (maybe). Looking forward to a great IRL season and great Pressdog commentary! You're the best!


"Brent is leaving RLR after St. Petersburg to be the PR kingpin of the company that makes Barbasol among others."

-Bernie Ecclestone has left the bulding!

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