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April 28, 2007


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I'm sorry - is it just me, or does Milka remind anyone else of Charo?

Jahuti Rhys

Anybody else notice that her name is spelled "MilHa" on her helmet?
And Marty is actually not last on the grid for a change...

Lisa R

p'dog. i'd love for dan to be sporting some p'dog gear along with me in indy. : ) thanks for the shout out a few days ago in your blog. it caught me by surprise to actually see my name!
proudly wearing the gear!


This is so great! Must admit I am seething w jealousy, dog...

And Joe is right-on. Milka is Charo.

My Name Is IRL

Thanks to The Dog, I'll be watching the race thinking I'm like two degrees of separation from everyone at the track. Excuse me whilst I shed a manly tear in honor of this day.

And yes, I've been linking to Charo pics for Duno for weeks (at the suggestion of more than one reader). The resemblance is simultaneously amusing and creepy.

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