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April 08, 2007


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Steve Barnes

I thought the NBC coverage of the race was poor, at best. No over head shots to get a good feel for track layout, no in-car telemetry so you could get a feel for the speeds around the track (a few seconds of Tags car through maybe two corners was all they showed), no information on who/how many pit stops had occured, and where was the replay of SeaBass going into the wall? And where were the pit reporters ... no interviews about what happened to Sea Bass, no clear explanation of the fueling problem ... I guess once the race started they were off playing Keno.

Rumor I picked up ... Forsythe had a sharp shooter stationed on a hotel balcony who was taking out Sebastian's tire every 10 laps ... any truth to that ??

Thanks for another great review.



Of course, an ultra-high-powered BB gun to take out the tires. BRILLIANT. That explains everything. With three pit reporters, you'd think they could get some color on the crazy fueling situation. But maybe the No Bitching edict came down from Champ Car. Was that a black helicopter that just flew over?


Prison Rules Racing? Priceless.

Mark in Bowmanville

Another fine race report from the Dog, who once again points out the little things that I tend to gloss over in just enjoying the race. That said, you were on the money as usual.


Great report but you did miss the flying Elvis's that landed on the main straigh. :)

Matt Webber

For your beer selection for next week's Long Beach thrill show (love that hairpin) may I suggest some Arrogant Bastard. It's brewed in SoCal and quite the good ale. Thanks for the quality race report. With Brainless Bill Weber in the booth, I can't imagine actually watching a broadcast this season, so I'm relying on your reports.
"You guys were both rookies before you were veterans." WTF? Does he come up with this crap on his own or does he have a team of failed fortune cookie writers handing him little slips of paper all race long?

Racing Truth

I loved this:

Weber -- "You guys were both rookies before you were veterans."

My God, that's BRILLIANT Bill!!! How did he ever figure that out?

Nice job 'dog.

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