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April 30, 2007


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Utterly fantastic, as always. Cant wait to hoist some w you and Jeffy at Indy.


Thanks, Hoss. I totally thought of you when pondering the majesty of the flyover. I could hear Money saying "Oh (F-word) YEAH!"

My Name Is IRL

You are the Dan Wheldon of race recaps, my friend. They should get you on site for all events!


Great recap! Better than watching it on TV!!! Not that I watched it on TV. :-) But that recap kicked F'n A$$!!! Can't wait to catch the 500!

Mrs. TK's engineer

Wow, I was thrilled when the hubby got some air time as part of the "ethanol edge", but making it into the Pressdog recap---NOW THAT IS THE BIG TIME! Thanks for taking note. Love your stuff. Keep it coming!

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