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May 17, 2007


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My Name Is IRL

Makes me think of a quote I just read from Jessica Alba: "I hope all my new work will help in getting past my hotness."

This calls for some kind of award for Hottest Pit Hottie. How about we call it the "Mindy"?

I Am Mindy - HEY!


That award will be hotly contested. HAR!


"Lots of ethanol around down there, for example, and the last thing we need is a lip-gloss-induced fire ball."

That quote might be the best ever!

Mike Rice

With those three...then if Milka Duno shows up...just call the fire department. Don't even wait for signs of the fire, it's already happening.


The rate she's going, Milka might well be available

They should have her interview Kosuke. It'd be a hoot.

Michael Kipp

Mam,I would like to complain about the game ULvsND on ESPNU. The announcers on BoB Knight and Digger Phelps. We would like a apology to Kyle KURIC for their statement about what he did after the great dunk. KYLE,said nothing and his actions were very calm.I have seen worse in other game when player beat their chest.First of the ref. over reacted and second Digger and Bob over reacted to the call.Please let them know our feeling and disappointment to these fine coaches. THEY JUST GOOFED THIS TIME THANK YOU Michael Kipp& Don Smith Louisville, KY

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