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May 15, 2007


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I just want to report for the record that this very evening, I have ordered and selected the shirt that I shall be sporting at the 91st running of the Indianapolis 500. And I am happy to let everyone know that it is the deluxe pressdog logo on front / 'Sofa King Awesome' on back shirt that was obviously created in my honor (you too can be awesome like me and order one in time for the race by clicking on the Gear link to the right).

I was tempted to get the 'Single and Ready to Mingle' one cos I am indeed single and ready to mingle plus I love me some Wheldon...but I am going to the race w my Ex GF's parents who live in INDY and kick ass, but still I thought that might be a little awkward...eehhh. Anyway if you see me in the beer line, say hey and let's hang. Yay!


Thanks Money! I'm sofa king on fire about your purchase. Kosuke is going to want to hang with ya. Jusssayin'. Looking forward to having a beverage with you and your posse at IMS.

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