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May 19, 2007


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Have they tried the morgue yet?

Harvey Pelovsky

I was a die-hard CART fan. Although it was totally TG's fault for initiating the split, Champ Car and the way it is being run is a joke.
I have specialized in "turning around" businesses for the last 22 years and the decisions they are making don't look "long term" to me.
I don't particularly care for Tony George either but because of the superior teams in the IRl and the Indy 500 it is time for CC to fold up shop and let the teams go to the IRL.
Otherwise, all of Open Wheel racing (by far the best type of US racing) will just continue to "limp along" and lose fans and have weak teams inhabiting half of their grids.
I now follow the IRL because it appears they at least have "some" momentum. Even they will not keep it up for long with the split. Fans are getting disgusted on both sides.
WAKE UP CALL TO: Kevin Kalkhoven and Tony George. Put your HUGE EGOS aside and save millions of $$!!!!!! DUH!!!!!

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