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May 02, 2007


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My Name Is IRL

I'm sofa king jealous.

What are the odds Money pulls a Wheldon and flips off someone while he drives? Just sayin'.


Speaking of Wheldon, I think what I am going to do is get a girlfriend....and then totally give her the heave on the evening before my run (July 17)....that oughta give me the extra speed I need, no? Isn't 'getting rid of distractions' an important component in the process of totally dominating?


Jeffy, if I flip someone off, they'll park me. Just can't have it.

I AM gonna email my girl Jamie Little, however, and invite her to cover my awesomeness for ESPN 25....bwaaaa...

(Truth be told, as I re-read the IM exchange and write this stuff, I am just wating for the "...actually, Money, we've suddenly found ourselves all booked up on July sorry" email from my girl at Indy Racing Experience...d'oh!)

My Name Is IRL

Oh come on - you can say you were stretching your fingers. Goodness knows they're going to get a workout.

Alright, maybe some of that stuff will be deactivated for your run.

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