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June 24, 2007


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No 24 oz Tecate for me - but my recliner in the tony town of Waukee was pretty comfy and I DVRRD the ABC Coverage. You are welcome to come over and catch the first 89 laps...just don;t wear any a$$le$$ chaps....


Totally sucks - I really feel your pain. I will add your story to my budding list of raceday frustrations. My list starts with a completely bogus ticket I got from the City of Long Beach when I dared to attend their Grand Prix, and made a minor traffic error that pretty much every non-resident was making. The price tag on that ticket? $390. Glad to see that the city was able to rake in lots cash at the expense of tourists. Clearly I'm still bitter.

Don't feel like an asshole - if any of us lived within easy driving distance of a brand new track that was hosting an IRL event, we all would have raved about it to our friends, as well - especially when there has been nothing but great press about the track. Heck, I was ready to start doing the hard sell for the "race around Dodger Stadium" when it looked like that might happen...



Sorry to hear that you were stuck in traffic and couldn't get into the track until nearly 1/3 through the race. The worst part about the traffic debacle is many fans who went and were stuck on the road with you will probably not come back next year. Not a good way to make a first impression.

My Name Is IRL

Uh, isn't any number "limited"? You know, by definition it's a number, being finite and all.

But I'm sure they'll have it all good for the 36K fans who show up for the Rolex race in July. Or do we suspect that number may be a bit more "limited"?


Haha, nice one Jeff. You thought they would have thrown P Dog a bone with at least some discounted Grand Sham tix.


I don't see an actual apology in that response. And I love how they work in a plug for their next event. Unbelievable.

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