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June 28, 2007


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Great write up P-Dog. The disappearance of the much vaunted onboard starters and Doornbos's mysterious disappearing Power to Pass certainly don't bode well. Ugh.

P.S. Awesome Jani nickname/title. I vote it becomes official.


Har. I realize that some dude named Zamfur or something is the real Master of the Pan Flute, but it seems to fit with Jani. The disappearing P2P was nutty, 'cause Doornbos had him. Even Tracy said he was cooked at the end. Somebody got some 'splainin' to do.

Steve Barnes

Great write up, as always. I attended the race .... seated in the grandstand with the Indeck (Tracy, Servia) pits directly in front of us .... let me add a couple of things CBS missed ...

1) Servia's car had a problem with the in-car jacks at every pit stop. On his first stop the car came off the jacks while the Left Front tire was off the car. Crew had to lift the car to get the pit jack under it. Same problem on the 2nd stop, by the third stop the crew just used the pit jacks.

2) Best part of the race .... when the safety crew towed SeaBass's car into the pits almost everyone in our grandstand cheered ... we were all DELIGHTED to see him out of the race ... no love lost with an Ohio crowd for a whining Frenchman .. =8-)


No big surprise on why Doornbos didn't pass Tracy at the end of the race, Pressdog and everyone else. He probably figured the way Paul Tracy was driving, if he tried to pass for the lead Tracy would throw the mother of all chop blocks and punt him into the tires or wall. Better to finish second and bring the car home in one piece.

With all the pieces he had to replace on his car, has PT used up the reserve of DP-01 parts Panoz built up during OWRS's six week layoff?


Awesome additions, Steve. Any relation to John? You could see the crew humping the manual jacks on TV but the CBS crew seemed oblivious. DP01 may have some issues. Doornbos' phantom Power to Pass. The Jack thing. The Dead Cosworth on Bourdais. I have to admit I enjoyed seeing someone else win, even Tracy.

Tristan Da Cunha

Super job Pressdog.
I can't watch the race here in England but your write-ups are better than being there. Well maybe not better but cheaper for sure.
Keep up the good work, cheers.

Steve Barnes

Nope ... not related at all to John Barnes (I assume you mean the Panther Racing guy) ... on the issue of the on-board starters ... I asked a mechanic in the paddock on Friday (you could see the starter on an engine the Aussie Vineyards team had as a spare) why it seemed like no one was using them .... his response was that the cars carry such small batteries that there is NO WAY they could produce enough "juice" to restart an engine. He said their team had told the drivers NEVER to use the starter ... wait for a push start or the external starter to get the engine going again.

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