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June 25, 2007


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I feel for you pressdog. Bummer of a traffic control job. I thought Rusty said that the traffic was still backed up to I-80 during the race. He said it with pride. I thought WTF? After 15 years of fighting traffic at Indy, I figured out to go all the way around and sneak in the back. I drive right in and drive right out. No waiting for the last 20 years. Decent walk though.

I remember the first race at St. Louis (East St. Louis IL) back when it was still CART. Hell of a race. Two Penskes side by side lap after lap. I think it was Tracy and Al Jr. Also had Helio and Dario when they first started. I think Helio was with Paul Hogan and was Dario with A.J.?

Anyway, they must've had the same traffic control guy there that day. Thousands of cars all getting off of I-70 as the track is right on I-70 and they had one idiot letting cars in one at a time. There was a stop light at the entrance, and he would make everyone sit until it went green. A thousand cars waiting and no one coming from the other direction! Several lanes empty and one lane in and one guy directing traffic. They say they fixed the traffic problem, but I've never gone back. If these guys today were to come back, I'd go again.

Surely you remember Alex Zanardi being the first in CART to do donuts for Chip? Highly frowned on back then.....maybe even fined for it.

Better luck next year.............on to Richmond!


P'dog... Oh man, I feel terrible for you. I've never seen such traffic in my life. When I was watching the broadcast and they showed the backed-up traffic pre-race... I thought it was a shot way before the race. I'm pretty sure there would have been many unsavory words flying out of my mouth if I missed that many laps! I've only been to a couple of tracks besides Indy and I've never had that much trouble getting into a track. But getting out of Kentucky is a whole different story - YIKES! Thanks for the GREAT notes. The were outstanding as usual.

Allan Brewer

Sorry about your traffic woes Pressdog--the people at ISpdwy are so damned nice it hurts, they just need to get this parking lot stuff figured out when it rains

Interesting race for sure

I'm wondering about the G's and the remarks later by Dario that the cars needed LESS downforce here...will we see the big cars barreling through the turns sideways like a dirt-track racer next year???


That there was so much traffic with a crowd of under 40,000 is crazy, I guess i'll not be attending any races at that track. I avoid Kentucky because they have such horrid traffic issues, getting out at least. Richmond is not too bad, especially if you do not park in the track parking lot. Parking outside the track and walking a while can literally prevent hours of waiting post race. I alwys enjoy your press accounts. Thanks-

ps- the term Ashley was using was that Dario was doing a "Zanardi" - The donuts that were popularized in the old CART days by Alex Zanardi. Dario & Zanardi are good friends.


I think the issues are fixable and I further think the IRL will help the Iowa Speedway get unFUBARed. Since the track is 45 minutes (on a non-race day) from my house, I want the race to stay here and be a success and I want to spend hundreds of dollars there every year, so I hope they do whatever it takes to avoid a repeat performance. I think most fans will give them a second shot, but not a third.


ramblinman, I was at Gateway (E. St Louis, IL) for the 1998 race, and the traffic flow was still f@#$ed up that year as well. I'd paid for a parking pass along with my tickets and came down 2+ hours before the race only to find out that the lot I paid for was full and there was nowhere near the track to park! We were sent to the other side of I-70 to some "alternate" lots. This took us through a scary tour of East St. Louis to get there. Luckily a farmer took it upon himself to open up a barren field on his property and let people park (for a fee, of course). We offroaded our rental Toyota Corolla sedan, paid the fee, and trudged across I-70 to the track. ABSOLUTELY the worst traffic control I've ever seen, but Pressdog's story takes the cake! It's even worse than trying to get out of Nashville after the 2003 IRL race when it took my wife and I two hours to get to the main road out of the parking lot (and I believe Nashville seats less people than Iowa).

reefy, I heard the same thing about traffic at Kentucky that you have. My wife and I met a couple at Indianapolis last year that related their horror story about the track. We crossed THAT one off our list.

Pressdog, sorry once again to hear you were stuck in traffic. From attending races at the late and unlamented Chicago Motor Speedway, I know how poor traffic flow and parking planning can doom a racetrack to declining attendance. If you attend the season closer at Chicagoland, look my wife and I up and you can tailgate with us and drink all the ice cold beer you missed stuck in traffic.


I'll be at Chicagoland! My fav track, fan amenity-wise (although its sister track in Kansas doesn't suck in that area either). Easy in and out. Spacious concourse. Great pits and garage. Virtually a straight shot east on I-80 from the dog house. We'll drink an icy beverage and savor the wafting smell of ethanol exhaust, my friend.

Mark in Bowmanville

It is one thing to have crap traffic leaving, (I once spent 3 hours getting clear of Watkin's Glen after a NASCAR show, and I ran for the car on the cool down lap!) but when you miss half the race getting in, THAT is worse.

My sympathies to you Dog. I cant figure out how management there could be so thick on traffic management? Do they not have access to experts through the IRL and NASCAR who would give them tips and ideas on how to manage traffic? Heck, I could have done it myself, being as I have been in traffic jams enough to know how people react.

Sounds like the IRL needs to take the wings off the cars pretty much for this track too, allow the guys to race a little.

Mel Hull

Pressdog, thanks for the getting the answers on the banking for me...had to go the last minute to Europe (16 hours of flying in economy class for a 4 hour meeting...don't ask, it was fugly) or I would have thanked you earlier. I went to the first CART races at Gateway and Chicago so I can relate on the traffic deal, not fun in any way shape or form. My major problem with this race was the win you have to make it to the end of the race, the tires were the same for everyone, use your head for more than a helmut rack and drive within the conditions...lots of respect for Dario's achievements on the short ovals. Best line of the week about Sarah and Winchester, that place was spooky scary and shows me what a racer she is. Well off to Richmond and taking my 9 year old daughter to her first race, she is so excited she laid out her clothes to wear on Monday...actually so did I...pressdog t-shirt!!


Mel. Tears in my eyes, Bubby. Mainly for you taking your daughter to a race (mega props!) but also for planning to sport the pressdog gear. You, sir, are sidepod worthy. Sarah is the shit! "Track record at Winchester" is all you gotta hear to know that. Just a tip: LEAVE EARLY.


KY speedway traffic isn't bad now that they have 2 exits for the traffic, but you have to be sure to check beforehand so that you park in the correct lot to get routed south or north.

I went to N'ville in 2003 also and traffic was terrible getting out and I haven't gone back. Homestead doesn't do a real good job at traffic either.

The only problem I had a gateway was discovering at the gate that I couldn't take beer in.

Hopefully IA will make improvements for next year...they should talk to KY and MIS for ways to do it.


The nutty thing is, all they have to do is create some lots that are all weather -- whether that's gravel or what or just creating a flooded-parking field back up plan. The fields were too soft to park in and the track didn't have a Plan B. Then they compounded the problem by blaming the fans. I think they'll fix it. It's very fixable.


"What is with that floppy hat and huge shades? Is this to create unmarketable photographs of her? I don't get it. Not a good look for anyone, including Ashley."

Hell, if Ashley can't make it work, what chance does anyone else have? ;)

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