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June 22, 2007


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If you have any pull with, can you tell them the streaming video camera pointed through the window is very annoying ? Keep the posts coming-love the insider point of view!

So on your way to Newton this morning did you experience the other two Iowa traditions-Did you pass farm equipment on the highway and did you fuel up at the Kum & Go ? My husband's family is from Osceola, Iowa and those are 2 of our favorites.


Uh "Kum & Go..."

Come again?


Yes, Kum & Go. It's a convenience chain. Seriously. Lots of convenience stores around the state. I forwarded the comment about the goofy camera to my league peeps. They may not be able to do jack about it, though. Still ..


Hm. Alrighty then.

You drinking yet?

Mel Hull

once first practice is complete would love to hear from a couple of drivers how the three different pitches of banking feel. When you see pictures of it; it doesn't look to severe, but I would like to know what it will feel like if you have to move between the different degrees of banking while negotiating through a turn....keep up the great updates!


You are so Iowa!! Sounds just like me (Dubuque).

Love the personal updates...I'll be at the IA IRL race next year!


You gotta roll over from Dubuque. It's, what, an easy 3-hour drive. Book your hotel in Newton now-ish or you'll be staying in DM.

My Name Is IRL

What you have written about today - a freaking practice day - is like, oh, I don't know, a thousand times more interesting than whatever wire stories I will sift through tomorrow.

You are so the man, Dog. You don't need me to tell you that.


I second Jeffy's emotion. Pure brilliance. Good work, my man..


Just wanted to say Thanks for forwarding the message about the cameras to They did something to them between the Pro qualifying and the test time. No more window makes it a lot easier to see the race track !

Agree-what you had to say about today's events doesn't even compare to the timeline wrap up spelled out on (but God bless them for the streaming video !)

Dale Nixon

Are they serving grain punch anywhere at the Speedway?

Enjoy - believe it or not I almost made the road trip for this one - corn-fed midwestern girls in summer are hard to resist, as are 17-second lap times!

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