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June 15, 2007


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My Name Is IRL

Now that there is funny, I don't care who ya are!

...but you HAD to bring Danica into it, didn't ya? I bet you're secretly hoping there are cameramen following her around and taping "Simple Life #7". Am I right?

C'mon dog, she's from Roscoe, IL. She'll be right at home in Newton, a.k.a. "The P-Dog Pound". You two should share a Lost Duck.


Danica! Let's hang! I'll be at the track all Friday. Let's go for a pork chop. I'm sure I've misjudged you and if I would only get to know you ...


You are a genius.

Claire Celsi

Excellent synopsis. I wish I could be there!

Allan Brewer

Hey Bill, thanks for the info.

It comes in handy for a city-slicker (and fellow TypePad blogger) from "Nap-town"!

Shoot me an email at IPR and I'll meet you somewhere for a hotdog and brew while I'm in town.



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