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July 30, 2007


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Chris in Chicago

I have a rookie question: where did you get tix for Chicagoland? Ebay?

Stupid Chicagoland Speedway Web site seems to only sell season passes including all their events. No thanks.


Yeah, Chicagoland is a season-ticket-only track. I scored mine on ebay. Usually get them for around $25-ish a piece (about half face value), of not less. You might want to click on my stub hub banner (lower left side of my site) and try them. If you use my banner and buy, I'll get a piece of the action. I highly recommend the Chicagoland track. Very fan friendly. Not a bad seat in the house.


"Me So Hornish"=pressdog's money line of the year so far. Unreal.

Dale Nixon

did the Dawg honestly just say "click on my stub hub?" :o

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